Does AQUAOX Protect Against Coronavirus?

AbsolutelyAQUAOX kills Coronavirus

AQUAOX demonstrates a 99.994% reduction in the stock virus titer as compared to the titer of the corresponding virus control. The log reduction in viral titer was 4.25 log10”

Since 2014, AQUOAX cleaning and sanitizing solutions have been used by hospitals to “basically eliminate cross contamination and hospital acquired infections (HAI) from superbugs such as MRSA, C-Diff and VRE.”

When adhering to our protocol, the AQUOAX solution a better, cleaner, safer way to protect against Coronavirus exposure than using chemicals and/or alcohol-based hand-sanitizers.

Further, AQUOAX Infection Control Systems delivers better coverage in less time when using electrostatic sprayers* to kill ‘superbugs’, etc.  *Aquaox can be sprayed, misted, fogged or otherwise applied on surfaces

AQUOAX provides a cleaning/disinfection protocol as well as an elevated (in-the-air) protection system … [noting that applicators are presently in short supply, as well].


Aquaox’ EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectant AX-275 is effective against H1N1 virus.

See:  EPA-registration 93392-1 for AX-275 disinfectant

Aquaox’ EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectant AX-525 is effective against HIV virus and H1N1 virus.

See:  EPA-registration 93392-2 for AX-525

Aquaox on-site generated Hypochlorous Acid solutions are effective against all viruses and when used as directed can be effective against a host of germs in as little as 30 seconds.


This an official acceptation of Aquaox in Canada, since April 29th 2020

To order online Aquaox (bottled) HOCL solutions, , visit our website:

Then contact us for further guidance regarding execution of health/safety protocols for correct use of solutions and applicators.

+1 800.790.7520 /



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