Electrolyzed Water Aids in Prevention of MRSA

July 29th, 2008

MRSA, a potentially fatal infection, is a strain of staph that is resistant to the antibiotics that are normally used in treatments for infection.  Staph is short for Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.  Traditionally, most MRSA infections occurred in health care settings such as hospitals and nursing homes, with high risk individuals being older adults or those with weak immune systems. Recently though, MRSA has been occurring in the wider community in healthy individuals in the form of serious soft tissue infections. Those at risk for the community strains of MRSA include children, adults participating in contact sports, athletes sharing equipment, those living in crowded or unsanitary conditions and individuals with compromised immune systems.  Consumers taking a trip to the salon or spa could be at risk for nail services and hair removal services such as waxing, if the salon or spa is using unsanitary equipment, tools, or performing services with improper techniques.  Many salons and spas are now using small electrolyzed water systems to spray low pH acidic water, clinically proven to kill bacteria, on their clients after services such as manicures, pedicures and hair removal.  The systems can also be used at home as a preventative measure against staph, on cuts, scrapes and small wounds at risk for infection.

Peter J. Sordi, board certified general surgeon and owner of The Wound Doctor, a New York clinic specializing in chronic wound care, uses electrolyzed low pH acidic water in the form of the Charme Skincare System on his clinic patients.  For wounds that are not healing properly including those with staph infection, Charme is used as a cleaning agent, reducing the bio-burden in the wound and replacing oral or IV antibiotics.  Annette Sordi notes, “This professional electrolyzed water system is revolutionary for today’s setting for treating chronic wounds. The low pH acidic solution is the exact same solution that our white blood cells make in the body.”   As the electrolyzed water is naturally antimicrobial, there is no cocktail of chemicals and the negative strain resistant bacteria of staph cannot build immunity against it.  Charme is non toxic and registered with the EPA as environmentally friendly.  Annette shares that when she and her daughter visit a salon or spa for a waxing service, she takes her Charme unit along with her, to ensure a safe and hygienic end to the service by spraying on afterward.  Sordi notes that she and her husband use Charme in their wound care clinic to wipe down all their clinic instruments as it is an anti-microbial.

Charme handheld Electrolyzer unit with bottle

The chemical process of electrolysis breaks down the molecular structure of water or other electrolytes by separating negative ions and creating minute particles that can penetrate the skin’s barrier.  The low pH acidic water created by the electrolysis process provides hydration and disinfection to the deepest levels of the skin. It was first used on over 22,000 patients at the Akashi Clinic, a renowned medical facility in Japan, as part of a holistic regimen for patients with severe eczema.  The study showed a significant improvement rate with no side effects.  The therapy results were so successful that the Akashi Clinic has continued this treatment method utilizing low pH water. The findings of the Akashi Clinic led to the invention of the Charme Skincare System, a portable hand-held unit that delivers low pH acidic water in a fine-mist spray with the touch of a button. Low pH acidic water is perfect for cleansing, while the active ingredient can kill bacteria on contact. It has been used worldwide for disinfection purposes in many industries including medical, dental, agricultural – and now skincare.


Staph infections can start out as minor skin problems resembling pimples or insect bites.  Symptoms include redness, warmth and tenderness, yellowish-white pus and fever.  Infected areas can develop into deep abscesses and bacteria can spread into the body with fatal results.  Successful treatment with certain antibiotics and drugs is possible when caught in time, but prevention is the best medicine.  Preventative measures to take include frequent hand washing, not sharing personal items such as towels and razors, keeping wounds covered and not overusing antibiotics.  Any wound not healing properly should be treated by a doctor.  Using electrolyzed water to spray on cuts and abrasions, to sanitize hands and strengthen the skin’s barrier function is a great extra preventative step to take for this serious infection.

Medically originated, Charme has been used in hospital settings for burn victims and wound care.  The innovative technology of this device offers a gentle, effective and holistic solution for chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, diaper rash and athlete’s foot.  Charme is clinically proven to significantly reduce acne vulgaris and is a gentle alternative to traditional treatments.  Also suited for dry winter skin and summer sunburns, Charme is a valuable year-round addition for any household.  Charme Skincare Systems are distributed exclusively through professional salons, spas and medical clinics.

For more information, visit www.CharmeRenew.com or www.aquaox.com

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    I have extra solutions for this system if anyone is interested – i loved using the Charme and Revenir.

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