Air Purification in Inhabited Rooms by Spraying or Atomizing Hypochlorites (HOCL).

Author(s) : MASTERMAN, A. T.

Journal article : Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology 1938 Vol.20 pp.278-88

Abstract : A sodium hypochlorite solution containing sodium chloride was atomized and the rate of progress of the vapour followed by means of a series of Bunsen burners placed at increasing distances from the atomizer. The yellow sodium flame indicated when the vapour reached the burner and also how long it persisted in the neighbourhood. The rates of travel varied in different experiments, but in one experiment quoted, in which the sprayer was worked at 4 1b. per sq. inch air pressure and in which a hypochlorite solution containing 0.05 per cent. available chlorine was used, the spray travelled 20 feet in under two minutes and persisted for over 20 minutes. Experiments were carried out by exposing Petri dishes containing nutrient agar at different parts of a room or factory in which numbers of people were working, and measuring the degree of air purification that occurred following a single spraying by the decrease in the number of colonies developing. In different experiments it was found that the plate count 1-5 hours after spraying might show a reduction of 90 per. cent. on the .initial count. The proportion of active chlorine needed was not determined precisely, though in one experiment a concentration of 0.14 mgm. of active chlorine per cu. ft. appeared to yield satisfactory results. Assuming that the chlorine was in the form of hypochlorous acid gas, this would represent a concentration by volume of one part in six millions. No discomfort was caused to any of the occupants of the room or factories. G. S. Wilson.

Record Number : 19382701336

Descriptor(s) : chlorine, factories, feet, occupational health, purification, sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, spraying

Identifier(s) : NaCl


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