Some of the truths about to be stated may be hard to admit.  Nevertheless, let our blunt approach be a wake-up call that empowers you to make real conversion to HOCL & NaOH SOLUTIONS.

The characteristics of HOCL & NaOH should be of interest to Environmental Services (EVS)and Infection Preventionists (IP), but few are joining the knowledge parade or paying serious attention.

The good news is that other actively-engaged professionals are now recognizing that HOCL & NaOH are ready-to-use, low-cost SOLUTIONS that render healthcare facilities really safe and hygienic.  And, these SOLUTIONS are safe when discharged into the environment.

Over the years, EVS and IP resistance has centered around 1) wanting to avoid being first, and 2) wanting to speak to “someone in a local hospital” rather than accept that a number of nationally-recognized hospitals have made successful HOCL & NaOH conversion.


EVS & IP are reluctant to drop using their chemical distributor in spite of their awareness that on-site generated HOCL & NaOH SOLUTIONS are less expensive and more-effective cleaners and disinfectants.

Insisting that only EPA registered disinfectants can be used, EVS & IP fail to grasp that the HOCL SOLUTION generated is an EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectant … while the Aquaox on-site generator itself is not.

Aquaox Infection Control Systems include two EPA registered disinfectants.  Rather than accepting HOCL efficacy data and combined label claims, IP looks for off-label microorganisms (not found on chemical labels, either).  So, what is enabling big companies to continue providing chemicals unsound for humans, facilities and the environment?


Failure to share, cooperate and collaborate leads to the dysfunction of departments and disciplines responsible for ensuring hygienic equipment and outcomes.

Until EVS leaders take responsibility to become more educated and aware of issues historically outside their wheelhouse, they cannot be effective centers of influence in their hospitals.

Support for using HOCL and NaOH solutions must come from the board of directors and facility manager.

The most effective approach is TOP-DOWN directive from the Board and/or C-level executive(s) that the EVS (contract cleaners) use only on-site generated HOCL & NaOH SOLUTIONS and that their company is subject to dismissal should they bring on property any unapproved (specialty) chemicals or attempt to push other disinfection methods.

When top management is truly ready to make a change for the better – they can have improvements in hygiene cleanliness and really effective discharge-room outcomes that result in reduced infection rates and bring higher patient satisfaction ratings.

Lip service does not bring back lives lost due to failure to reduce HAI rates.

The real fear ought to be what happens when not making the conversion.

Again, let our blunt approach be a wake-up call that empowers you to make a clean conversion with HOCL & NaOH SOLUTIONS.

Aquaox’ years of onsite experience validates that disinfectants do not effectively remove debris. Keeping surfaces clean requires effective, periodical cleaning using a detergent. Then, spray disinfectant and let air-dry.

For more information, contact Michel van Schaik at 800.790.7520. info@aquaox.net/info@greenspeed.biz

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