Cleaner and Greener – Electrolyzed Water in Hotels

The Oxford Hotel, Bend , OR, The Hyatt Regency hotel, Chicago, Il and the Sheraton Delfina, Santa Monica, CA  all use Electrolyzed Water — basically saltwater charged with electricity — as a sanitizer, degreaser and cleaner.

“It has replaced 98 percent of all cleaning products and because it lacks the chemicals most commercially produced cleaning solutions contain, the Electrolyzed Water is healthier for employees and guests. It is produced on site, so it saves shipping costs, eliminates pollution that would be produced by trucks delivering commercial cleaners, and means no empty cleaning containers end up in landfills.

Attached Video, shows you a System that manually generates Electrolyzed Water onsite.

Cleaner and Greener – Electrolyzed Water. (Click on link to start video)

Aquaox Systems are designed to automatically generate HOCL (sanitizer) and NAOH (cleaner) onsite. Aquaox Systems are remotely controlled and its onsite generated Electrolyzed Water may not only used to surface cleaning and sanitation, but may used to disinfect (drink)-water, disinfect waterlines, pools and spa’s. diluted with drinkwater, HOCL is used in foodcourts to sanitize vegetables, fruit and food contact surfaces. Onsite generated HOCL may also used to reduce aerosols and dust particles in HVAC-systems. Finally, NAOH and HOCL is used to significantly reduce laundry detergents.

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