Release of New Air Purification System by Sanyo

October 19, 2009

Sanyo made an announcement on launch of its new air purification system boosting the odor elimination speed by as much as three times compared to its previous model. The new model is based on Sanyo’s Virus Washer electrolyzed water technology capable of electrolyzing tap water for creating a power disinfectant effect for air purification. Sanyo has already made an announcement on August in effectiveness of its air purification technology in suppressing the H1N1 virus.


In addition to this Virus Washer technology is effective for controlling airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens such as pollen. Beside the Powerful Odor-elimination Mode, the new VW-SF10C air purification system for professional use features a Dual fresh and waste water tank resulting in saving time and energy according to the company. The Powerful Odor-elimination capability is a result of increase concentration of electrolyzed water as well as the development of the new Dual Fresh & Waste water Tank unit, which enables the recycling and re-circulation of previously discarded water from the wastewater tank. This has resulted in greater amount of odor causing substances to be absorbed by the electrolyzed water, thereby improving the odor-elimination effect. The powerful odor elimination capability was a result of combining electrolyzation control with an Automatic Saltwater Dispenser resulting in an increase in concentration of hypochlorous acid responsible for dissolving odor causing substances in the re-circulating water. In the previous model of Virus Washers VW-VF 10B it was necessary to regularly add salt to purification water tank in order to maintain a certain concentration of chloride ions in the electrolyzed water which becomes unnecessary due to introduction of Automatic Saltwater Dispenser resulting in continuous operation of air purification system. The “Off Timer” function enables users to manage the length of time that the air purification system operates when no one is in the room, thereby helping to save energy. The time can be set for 1, 2, 4, 8, or 10-hour operation. The new VW-SF10C weighs 33 Kg with no fresh and salt water added. It comes in dimension of H:790 W:580 D 297 mm. The new VW-SF10C is not exactly come cheap; the new system’s price tag is at 546,000 Yen. The release of VW-SF10C is due on November 1st, 2009 with monthly production of 2000 units.

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