USDA Working with Electrolyzed Water

September 28, 2009


On April 21, 2009 Roman Fyk of NatureTech Solutions Inc and Kathleen T. Raijkowski of the USDA, ARS, ERRC labs in their Food Safety Intervention Technology Research Unit based in Wyndmoor, PA agreed to a Material Transfer Agreement between the parties.

The agreement is for NatureTech Solutions Inc. (NTS) to provide ARS with their electrochemical activation generator (electrolyzed water system) and know-how, the Material, and for ARS to use fluids generated by NTS machine for their studies.

NTS machine produces Anolyte, an acidic solution which is positively charged Hypochlorous acid. This Hypochlorous acid is generated at a range between 6.5 and 7.4 pH and has a non toxic Free Available Chlorine of 500+ ppm.

The solution will be used to determine its sanitizing effects on decontamination of raw seafood and equipment and the strength of the Anolyte needed to produce the desired reduction. The Anolyte solution will be used as a pre-wash before individual quick freezing of the seafood and in glaze applied after freezing prior to storage. Testing and results may not be concluded up to 2 years from the start of this testing.

NTS is proud of being the provider of their Green Based technology Machine for the purposes of this study. To consumers and green technology advocate this represents another step forward of how the government and industries work together for the safety for the foods we eat and at the same time how to work hand in hand to protect Mother Earth.

Future results will be posted as additional information is released. For more information, visit

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