Electrolyzed Water (Anolyte) fulfills EPA requirements for usage against Swine Flu (H1N1)

September 24, 2009 Little River, SC

Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd.  announces the successful results of IET’s EcaFlo® Anolyte solution, marketed as Excelyte®, against Swine Influenza (H1N1). Specific testing performed by Microbiotest Labs of Sterling, Virginia concluded that  Anolyte is efficacious against the microorganism which causes Swine Flu. IET will submit the results of the H1N1 testing to the EPA for inclusion on its master label.  IETt’s  is the only Anolyte solution registered by the EPA as a broad spectrum (hospital) disinfectant. EcaFlo® Anolyte  is both biodegradable and non-accumulative, making it the ideal choice for green-minded customers,” stated William E. Prince, President and CEO of Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd. IET is the original equipment manufacturer and distributor of EcaFlo® equipment – specially designed electrochemical activation devices that produce the highly effective, pH neutral disinfectant, EcaFlo® Anolyte. E. Wayne Kinsey, III President and Chief Executive Officer Benchmark Performance Group and Board Vice Chairman (IEVM), continued, “I encourage you to visit http://www.excelyte.com to learn more about its effectiveness, qualities and ease of use. You can now order Excelyte® liquid and wipes from the website, which makes it very handy for individuals and businesses to be prepared for this year’s flu season.” The Center for Disease Control states that studies have shown that influenza viruses can survive on environmental surfaces and can infect a person for 2 to 8 hours after being deposited on the surface. Because of its effectiveness on hard surfaces, Excelyte® becomes another line of defense in protecting against swine and other flu strains.

For more information, please visit www.ietecaflo.com

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