Fogging Device for Electrolyzed Water

Misting or Fogging ELECTROLYZED WATER is one of the most efficient and safe methods to improve air quality.

ELECTROLYZED FOG for Foodservice and Agriculture is used in many different foodservice and agricultural premises including:

1) Food Processing Plants

2) Hog houses, Poulty Houses or

Cattle and Horse stables

3) Greenhouses

4) Cold storage warehouses (e.g.

fresh cut vegetables and flowers)

5) Ripening rooms

Aquaox Fogging Devices produce onsite ELECTROLYZED FOG with  a constant droplet size of less than 5 micron into the air. (80% of the droplets are 2-3micron; 20% are 4-5 micron).

Aquaox Fogging Devices are easy to install and to operate. These ultrasonic Humidifiers are very reliable and offer a good value.

Clients have trusted Ultrasonic Humidifiers for producing ELECTROLYZED FOG to help them lower costs, protect their (perishable) products, improve air quality as well control humidity for their operations.

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