Electrolyzed Water effective against MRSA, ATCC 6538

May 8, 2008

Proton Laboratories, a biotechnology company that develops practical uses for Electrolyzed Water, is pleased to announce that it has obtained positive testing results through application of Electrolyzed Water on MRSA, ATCC 6538 (Methicillin Resistant Staphylacoccus aureus).

The company has attained these results through the study sponsorship of Dr. Robert Lawrence who requested Hill Top Research to conduct the efficacy test on MRSA, ATCC 6538. The summary of the result reads: “The test article was tested, in duplicate, as outlined in the protocol (three puffs of spray at a distance of 8 inches) with exposure periods of 1 and 2 minutes. Results showed that a greater than 99.98% (3.71 log(10)) reduction in numbers of the test bacteria was shown after 1 minute exposure to the test article and a greater than 99.99% (greater than 5.06 log(10)) reduction in numbers of the test bacteria was shown after 2 minutes exposure to the test article”. HTR Study No. 06-127661-106.

As noted in a separate Press Release: “Electrolyzed Water When Provided As An Off-The-Shelf Consumer Product”, as a first consumer product, the company will contract in the fourth quarter of 2008, manufacturing of its anti-MRSA ATCC 6538 spray which will allow a user to use the product on hard surfaces for the reduction to MRSA ATCC 6538 levels.

As noted in recent news coverages, MRSA ATCC 6538 is becoming a concern that has appeared in various healthcare areas such as in nursing homes and hospital environments. Of recent, MRSA has moved out of historically-MRSA-prone areas to areas that are in common alignment with daily interactions such as school locker rooms and athletic surroundings.

Additionally, an Electrolyzed Water  spray product and electrolyzed water is a non-alcohol-based product which minimizes the concerns that parents may have with accidental consumption of alcohol-based products. The use of this product will provide an optional medium in minimizing MRSA ATCC 6538 that is non-toxic, highly effective and difficult for the microbe to develop an immunity against.

Based in Northern California, Proton Laboratories is a biotechnology company that develops new practical applications for electrolyzed water. The company alters the properties of water via electrolysis with electrolyte separation. Based upon proven technology, science, engineering, product design, and products that have been successfully developed by our Japanese counterparts, and further enhanced by Proton Laboratories, Proton Laboratories will expand the marvel of electrolyzed water throughout North America.

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