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May 7, 2009

Lykens, PA – When Steve Fisher (Swiss Villa Dairy / Lykens, PA) and Roman Fyk (NatureTech Solutions Inc. / Lancaster, PA) first met, it was to discuss new organic technology and methods currently available to address the concerns of today’s dairy farmers…specifically, how to raise a healthier dairy herd in a safer environment without the use of any toxic chemicals.  Also attending the meeting to learn more about this emerging technology were representatives from the PA Department of Agriculture that included — Bill Chirdon, Director PDA Food Safety, 2 PDA Dairy Inspectors and other interested parties.

Fyk explained his NTS system could easily achieve Fisher’s goals by simply using electricity and natural elements…salt and water…to create two very powerful and distinct, biodegradable solutions (neutral electrolyzed water) to sanitize and clean.  In addition to the technology’s enormous benefits, Fyk pointed out that the NTS unit generated two different natural solutions simultaneously—1) a pH neutral organic sanitizer (10-20 times stronger than chlorine, yet, totally safe to humans/animals even at full concentration) and 2) an earth friendly surfactant/degreasing detergent (to clean/dissolve bio-film and protein).

Even though skeptical of the data espoused by Fyk, Fisher was intrigued by far reaching possibilities and agreed to run test trials at his farm.  PDA Dairy Inspectors performed a series of specific tests over a period of several weeks.  NTS provided samples of its organic sanitizing and cleaning solutions for these testing purposes.

PDA Trials—NTS Sanitizer (Anolyte):  Test results at the Swiss Villa Dairy confirmed that by treating legs/hooves, udder, body, drinking water, milking cups, pre- and post- treatment procedures with the NTS sanitizing solution, it created healthier more productive cows and safer raw milk for consumers without the need of any chemical based products.  Several other uses (for treating sick cows) were also identified and successfully treated.  Additionally, academic studies noted in their findings that typically pungent farm odors, as emitted from urine and manure, could be substantially reduced when treated with Anolyte.

PDA Trials—NTS Detergent (Catholyte):  During the trials, a broad spectrum of bacteria was targeted—on milk tanks, milk lines, bottling equipment and milk bottles.  Tests confirmed that the NTS detergent/cleaning solution met and/or surpassed the standard results associated with chemical cleaning applications without the toxic backlash.

A variety of test samples, as collected from Swiss Villa Dairy, were clinically analyzed.  The proven results verified Fyk’s assertions, in that, the wealth of organic benefits embodied in the two solutions produced by his NTS neutral electrolyzed water system were completely accurate.  Overjoyed by the confirming results, Fisher was truly convinced the “NTS system was the perfect answer for his needs” and subsequently purchased a uni for extensive use on his farm.

Fisher is “tickled pink”, as he puts it, about his investment in this progressive and safe technology.  Spreading the news to the farming community, he is “telling everyone” how completely amazed he is with the results achieved by using only organic solutions.  This Amish dairy farmer continues to be impressed with the high performance of the NTS machine that generates chemical-free sanitizing and cleaning solutions on site, whenever he needs it.  Fisher acknowledges that use of this technology has not only increased milk production and milk fat content, but has also dramatically lowered somatic cell counts, eradicated bacterial presence in raw milk (E Coli, Salmonella, Listeria), improved health of livestock and alleviated many of his former concerns about certain public health issues.  Fisher’s avid support of this earth friendly technology (and numerous benefits derived) will help ensure that his PA Amish dairy farm continues to be a leader in the production of premium quality raw milk for years to come.  “Tradition and Technology…working side-by-side.”

The NTS Neutral Electrolyzed Water system produces extremely potent and cost effective sanitizing and cleaning solutions under its NEWater© brand.  Its durable, commercial grade machine conveniently generates solutions on site 24/7 or on demand as needed.  The active components of NEWater© are non-toxic, non-irritating, biodegradable and benign to humans/animals with zero environmental impact.

For more information, visit www.naturetechsolutions.com

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