Studies show Electrolyzed Water is Effective against Human and Animal Influenza

April 29, 2009

PuriCore reaffirms that Electrolyzed Water  has been proven highly effective against human and animal influenza. Multiple research studies showed that Electrolyzed Water as a spray and in fogging form completely inactivate human influenza and H5N1 avian influenza and passed the US Environmental Protection Agencyʼs (EPAʼs) recommended hard-surface disinfection test. Results of these studies were presented at the National Environmental Health Association Conference last year. Additional independent research shows that hypochlorous acid is effective in inactivating H5N1 avian influenza in water.

Electrolyzed Water mimics the natural anti-microbial hypochlorous acid produced by the human body’s immune system to fight pathogens. A wide range of markets that depend upon controlling the spread of infectious pathogens—including food retail and foodservice, hospitality, medical device disinfection, and wound therapy—use systems to produce this safe, natural, and green disinfectant and sanitizer.

PuriCore advises its customers to follow the disinfection guidelines issued recently by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to those in healthcare settings that “disinfection strategies used during influenza seasons can be applied to the environmental management of swine influenza.”

Mark Sampson, PhD, Director of Microbiology for PuriCore, said: “Given the heightened concern with H1N1 swine influenza outbreak by healthcare providers, governments, and the general population, we reaffirm that independent studies demonstrate that Electrolyzed Water  is highly effective against animal and human influenza. Electrolyzed Water can be used safely in a broad range of disinfection and sanitizing applications in a variety of settings including hotels, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and restaurants.”

PuriCore is a life sciences company focused on developing and commercializing proprietary green solutions that safely, effectively, and naturally kill infectious pathogens without causing harm to human health or the environment. PuriCoreʼs patented, proprietary technology mimics the human bodyʼs production of the natural antimicrobial hypochlorous acid, offering a safe and non-hazardous approach to disinfection and sanitization. The Companyʼs products are used in a broad range of markets that depend upon controlling contamination, including food retail and foodservice, medical device disinfection, and wound care. Hypochlorous acid is proven to be safe, environmentally friendly, and fastacting against a broad range of infectious pathogens, including major public health threats of C. difficile, E.coli, HIV, Human and Animal Influenza (including H5N1 Avian Influenza), Legionella, MRSA, M.tuberculosis, Norovirus, and Salmonella. PuriCore is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with offices in Stafford, UK.

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    Studies show Electrolyzed Water is Effective against Human and Animal Influenza | Electrolyzed Water

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